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What can OTA Hero do for you?

OTA Hero exists to help you save up to 9% on your OTA commission fees and increase your direct bookings to drive more profit to your hotel or vacation rentals.


A tool built to show a potential guest the right message at the right time by using neuromarketing technology. When a potential guest lands on your website, they are looking for better value than the site they were on before, but time is crucial – the average time on site of a guest is not long if the value proposition is not present. Through deep research and understanding of buyer’s intent, Capture was developed to allow your brand to show the guest a true value proposition at the right time.

Guest Rewards

A platform that allows any hotel in the world to implement their very own Guest Rewards membership, not only like the big hotel chains but even better. This platform was developed specifically to help hotels and vacation rentals increase customer loyalty, add true value propositions, increase conversion and guest retention and much more.


A platform that allows a hotel to understand problems and correct them before the world becomes aware that they exist. GEM was built to solve multiple problems in the hotel industry. This tool has been proven in the industry and continues to produce results.

Drip Funnel

Details coming soon!


RezEmotion is a tool built to optimize the booking experience and increase online booking conversion on desktop, mobile devices and tablets. After years of analysis and deep research of the traveler’s journey to online booking, we found with most booking engines (PMS), there is extensive thought and time put into the back end, saving you time with managing the business. The problem is – the traveler only sees the front end of the booking engine during their online booking experience. We decided to invest our time and research into the front end of the booking engine to increase online booking conversion. To solve the problem of guests coming to our clients’ websites and not booking, we developed RezEmotion to add value to the traveler’s booking experience to increase online booking conversion and increase your revenue. Clients who have integrated with RezEmotion have seen up to 28% increase in online booking conversion. We also built RezEmotion to save development time and money; great online booking engines take much time and financial resources. RezEmotion can be launched in hours, not months, and for hundreds of dollars, not tens of thousands of dollars.

Last Minute Revenue

In beta more details coming soon! Ask your OTA Hero expert for details.

What We Believe

We believe OTAs should be used by hotels and vacation rentals to supplement their business in a strategic way, not be their business.


We exist to solve the problem of hotels and vacation rentals paying anywhere from 15-25% commissions to OTAs. We created OTA Hero to solve this problem by lowering your OTA commission fees and increasing your direct bookings.

More Bookings

We have proven to increase direct bookings for hotels and vacation rentals which improves guest experiences and adds more profit and revenue for your business.

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We have helped hotels just like yours save up to 9% on OTA fees and increase direct bookings. We want to show you how we can help grow your profit margins in a free, no risk, no obligation demo. Click below to request a demo.

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