How OTA Hero Works

How OTA Hero Works!

OTA Hero exists to help you save up to 9% on your OTA commission fees and increase your direct bookings to drive more profit to your hotel or vacation rentals.

Drive More Direct Bookings

We have over 45 products and services to drive more direct bookings. In a 20 minute consultation we can identify what is the right fit for you as each hotel or vacation rental is unique. We have hotels spending as low as $135 per month to $6000 or more per month. We customize a plan that is best for your property and budget.

Leverage The Billboard Effect

Leverage the billboard effect to convert users who were on OTA that visits your site to book direct saving you the OTA commission. We do this by showing them the right message at the right time on your own website.

Insights & Analytics.

We capture key data to help increase conversion of direct bookings direct and from OTA’s.

Proven System & Processes

Proven system and process to be sure when a guest does book direct or via an OTA the next time the book they book direct. This is managed through staff training and website tools.

Proven Systems & Processes

Change buy behaviors so your guests think of you first and book direct and never visit an OTA. Not only is this good for your and your revenue it is just a better guest experience. Booking travel has so many touch points and is painful to the traveler. We want to change this and make it less time and less stress for the guest. 

Create & Nurture Guest Relationships

OTA’s are big corporate machines. It is really difficult for them to develop and retain true relationships with guests. Our tools allow you to do this at scale. No one knows your property better than you and no one should know your guests better than you and our tools help you do just that at scale. It is rare that a middle man makes anything easier and better.

What We Believe

We believe OTAs should be used by hotels and vacation rentals to supplement their business in a strategic way, not be their business.


We exist to solve the problem of hotels and vacation rentals paying anywhere from 15-25% commissions to OTAs. We created OTA Hero to solve this problem by lowering your OTA commission fees and increasing your direct bookings.

More Bookings

We have proven to increase direct bookings for hotels and vacation rentals which improves guest experiences and adds more profit and revenue for your business.

We make it easy

We have helped hotels just like yours save up to 9% on OTA fees and increase direct bookings. We want to show you how we can help grow your profit margins in a free, no risk, no obligation demo. Click below to request a demo.

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